"Music that inspires gratitude, hope & healing." Amy Sky, Olivia Newton-John & Beth Nielsen Chapman

There’s Still My Joy: A personal message to you, from the LIV ON Team

Over the past years, we’ve seen many friends come and go from our lives and while the holidays can be a time of immense joy, they can also be a source of sorrow for many, as we reflect back on those who are no longer in our day-to-day physical existence.

It is then that we need to remember the lyrics from the LIV ON song, “There’s Still My Joy”:

One tiny child can change the world

One shining light can show the way

Through all my tears for what I’ve lost

There’s still my joy

There’s still my joy

…For Christmas Day

There’s so much happening in this ever-changing world of ours — and while it can seem a tremendous weight to bear, we also hope you and yours will have moments to remember all that is joyous and bright over this holiday season.

Sending you much love,

Amy, Olivia, Beth and the rest of the LIV ON Team

For you: “There’s Still My Joy”

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