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In My Pocket | Kelly D. Farley

In My Pocket | Kelly D. Farley

 I don’t intentionally keep it a secret, but I also don’t advertise it to everyone; it’s kind of personal.  Just knowing I have it with me makes me smile, and it gives me a sense of peace and comfort throughout the day.  When it’s not in my pocket, it can be found in a small decorative plate near the back door of my house with a pile of the other everyday things I take with me.  Other things include loose coins, keys, wallet and my phone.

The song “Stone in My Pocket” instantly made me think of the item I’ve kept in my own pocket for nearly ten years.  This item serves as a reminder of what I’ve been though, and the fact that I have survived the death of my two children. More importantly, however, it reminds me of my Katie and Noah, and how they are always with me and looking out for me as I make my way through this life.  They guide me to be the best dad I can be.

The item was originally a heart-shaped pewter pocket coin with the words, “May the Spirit always guide you” inscribed on the front, and the words, “May the Father ever watch over you, may the Son ever bless you” on the back.  I say “originally” because it has dramatically changed throughout the years due to the abuse it has taken while living in my pocket.  The coin has worn to the point where the words are hard to read, and about five years ago, I noticed a small crack starting to appear at the top where the heart comes together. At the time I thought it appropriate, because I did have a broken heart.

I still do.

As time progressed, the size of the crack increased until the coin completely broke in half about two years ago.  I carried both of those pieces in my pocket for nearly a year, until one of the pieces went missing.  I didn’t panic right away because the coin has occasionally fallen out of my pocket throughout the years, but it has always made its way back to me when I retrace my footsteps.  However, this time I couldn’t find the other half.  I looked everywhere for that piece, and I still keep an eye out for it in hopes that it will show up some day.

I don’t remember how this coin made its way into my life all those years ago, but I am sure glad it did.  It has served me as a trusted friend by providing me comfort in times I needed it.

The item in my pocket and I have both changed throughout the years, but I find it fitting since both of us continue to move through life with a piece of us missing, a piece of our heart.

By: Kelly D. Farley

Author of Grieving Dads: To the Brink and Back


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